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3SI Security Systems today announced the release of its new 4XG Cash Tracker™ for retail. The 4XG device expands on the highly successful NextGen3 platform with its streamlined design, use of 4G/LTE technology and GNSS and WiFi for superior location accuracy.

Cash Tracker automatically notifies law enforcement and the customer that a crime is in process, all while silently tracking the criminal. The device’s ease of use–self-installation takes less than 15 minutes–minimal maintenance and low cost, make it a go to solution for retailers interested in criminal apprehension and asset recovery.

4XG Cash Tracker™ is supported by thousands of law enforcement agencies worldwide and can be used anywhere within a retail organization where cash is vulnerable.

“3SI is the only tracking company that partners with law enforcement…the key benefit of this partnership is our direct tie to dispatchers who communicate location data to responding officers,” said Todd Leggett, chief executive officer, 3SI Security Systems. “Criminals are tracked and typically apprehended in less than 20 minutes.”

“The service we provide not only helps to apprehend criminals, but also to build better community partnerships between retailers and local law enforcement agencies.”

With a keen focus on Retail markets including, Pharma, Jewelry, C-Stores, Electronics and Pawn, 3SI also services the Financial and Law Enforcement markets.

Click here for more information about 3SI’s 4XG Cash Tracker.