Within a 32-hour span last week, 12 different 3SI customer locations were the victims of violent robberies or burglaries…from banks to dollar stores to phone dealers, pawn brokers and high-end retailers…it seemed like no one was safe.

I was prepping for a meeting last week and thought that sharing recent 3SI successes would be of interest to the attendees. I’m consistently proud of our results, but in this case, I was truly struck by what I found. Between noon on Wednesday, August 14, and 8 p.m. on Thursday, August 15, 12 different 3SI customers were the victims of violent robberies or burglaries! We see crime reports every day, but this number was surprising both for the sheer number of crimes and also for the range of locations and customers. There were banks, dollar stores, phone dealers, pawn brokers and high-end retailers, and they were located everywhere from Langley, British Columbia, to Gary, Indiana, to Glendale, California, to Houston, Texas. Some of those locations are hotbeds of crime and some are just “regular” neighborhoods.

What this information drove home to me was that no one – no store, bank, credit union or any type of retailer – is immune to crime. It’s easy to think “it won’t happen here”, and hopefully, it won’t. But is it responsible to think that way anymore? Isn’t it time to embrace a strong, proactive security philosophy? Regardless of what the statistics show, anyone can be a victim of crime at any time. Having protection in place before a crime occurs is crucial to protecting your people, your customers and your cash or inventory. And having a solution that integrates seamlessly into operations, recovers stolen inventory, AND gets criminals safely out of your location and into the hands of police, just makes sense.

In thinking about crime, it’s important not to forget the impact of these crimes on people…like the staff at the pawn store in Memphis who faced 3 aggressive robbers, one of whom was armed, and who stole over $30K in jewelry and another gun. Or the bank teller in Lakewood, Colorado, handed a threatening demand note from a robber with a lengthy criminal history. While we can’t erase the shock they experienced, knowing that the criminals were arrested and are behind bars can be reassuring and can let staff know that they will be safe and that no one else will be victimized.

Of the 12 crimes, our solutions immediately led to the arrest of 13 criminals and the recovery of over $50K in cash and goods. As police continue sorting through evidence, those numbers will grow. And at least one of the arrested has already been linked to another crime…so these 13 arrests will probably close other open cases and will certainly prevent future crimes. We recognize the importance of police support to the success of our technology, and thus greatly value our relationships with over 8,000 law enforcement agencies worldwide.

At 3SI, our mantra is that we are helping to create a #SaferWorld. We all know it and believe it, but it’s sure a great feeling to be reminded of just how true it is. Thirty-two hours that could have ended badly instead became exemplary of how forward-thinking businesses and institutions can embrace progressive security solutions and help to break the crime cycle.

Date & Time Device Type City, State Type of customer
8/14 1:09 PM Cash Tracker™ Brooklawn, NJ Bank
8/14 6:34 PM Cash Tracker™ Lakewood, CO Bank
8/14 6:36 PM Cash Tracker™ Houston, TX Bank
8/14 10:30 PM Asset Tracker™ Glendale, CA High-end Retailer
8/14 10:58 PM Cash Tracker™ Gary, IN Dollar Store
8/15 12:46 AM Cash Tracker™ Raleigh, NC Convenience Store
8/15 11:04 AM Cash Tracker™ Lexington, KY Bank
8/15 11:32 AM Jewelry Tracker™ Memphis, TN Pawn Store
8/15 12:30 PM Cash Tracker™ Lowell, MA Bank
8/15 12:51 PM Phone Tracker™ Houston, TX Phone Store
8/15 4:41 PM Phone Tracker™ Oklahoma City, OK Phone Store
8/15 8:27 PM Cash Tracker Langley, BC Bank


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